Saturday, December 31, 2011

Annual Zoo Lights trip

We love the Phoenix Zoo!  We also really love Christmas lights, so the two combined equals joy!  We have gone with our friends Jodi and Jordan the past year or so and have a blast.  This year Jordan wanted to do the Polar Slide, so the kids and I watched her go down.  Elle and Ivan told me they really wanted to do it, so I told them "do you realize I can not go down with you.  You have to go by yourself."  Ivan shook his head that he understood and Elle told me she understood.  So okay, Jordan wanted to go down again.  Perfect, her and Elle could race and then Ivan and I could race.  We got our tickets stand in line.  Ivan was trying to cut in front of the kids ahead of us, he was really excited!  I told the girls they were to go before Ivan and I, because I did not want Jordan to get stuck with Elle and then her not want to do it.  What a nightmare that would be for Jordan.  So, the girls go, Elle was a little skeptical, but went!  Now Ivan and I are to go...did not happen.  He freaked out when the workers asked him to get into the tube.  So, him and I walked down the stairs and got our money back.  I told him next year would be better.  It was nice to see him willing to do it though.  Until next year!

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jolevy76 said...

Noelle, Jordan and I are so fortunate to have you 3 in our lives. I enjoy the little traditions we have made together, such as zoolights and the pumpkin patch. We all have such a great time together (most times lol). I hope we continue these traditions for many years (even when Jordan is a bratty teenager and does not want to hang with us lol) I adore you, your kids and our friendship :)